The Fomas Group, which produces forged and rolled rings, which can be said to be truly international with factories in Italy, France, India and China and having 25 destination markets. A global reality that it was necessary to deal with a single multilingual system able to standardize the language used within the group and facilitate management control.

Objectives achieved

  • The management has basic information, easily obtainable with the business intelligence system
  • Uniformity of language between the different business areas
  • Greater control throughout the production chain
  • Traceability of each piece

What Know-How does

Through Infor involved in the integration of platforms that ran three different business areas, accompanying the growth of the group with that of computer systems.

The implementation covers all areas of the business, customer orders, administration and management control.

We are able to handle all the Group companies with a single system. Having the traceability of each item, for a company that is committed in the nuclear field, is fundamental

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