Maintenance, it is better!

Sustainability is a key development for many companies and can be translated, into amongst other things to the effective utilization of available resources, with positive effects on the environmental impact and also economic benefits to a business.

In terms of maintenance, such an approach implies the transition from the old logic of “run-to-failure” or “replace parts when they have reached their physical decline due to usage” with another who favor the theories of engineering mantainance in order to preserve asset performance over time.

Know-How, through the Asset Management software from Infor (Infor EAM), offers enterprise customers a control tool that allows you to increase the reliability of a production line and reduce downtime costs, making the choice “philosophy of maintenance” cost-effective.

The Know-How applications allow careful and concise management of all assets, the development of monitoring plans at fixed intervals to prevent failures, reducing downtime during unplanned events. Although designed specifically for the industrial and manufacturing sector, the applications proposed by Know-How, thanks to their adaptability, can also be used in different sectors.

Areas of intervention in Enterprise Asset Management:

  • Management of data
  • Management of maintenance / scheduled basis
  • Management of unplanned events

Our clients

They chose Know-How to manage the company assets:

Breda chose Know-How to manage their Company asset management.

Breda case study

Infor EAM

Infor EAM enables companies to monitor and manage the use, performance and maintenance of company assets.

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Infor ION

Infor™ Intelligent Open Network (ION) provides the answer to the problems of connectivity between different applications, whether Infor or not.

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