Competitive in a complex world

The economic environment is increasingly complex, supply chains get longer, the production is often deployed abroad or partially outsourced, suppliers are numerous and may be located in different parts of the world, not to mention the customers.

A company must perfectly master this complexity, if it wants to present itself on the market in a competitive way.
To be successful, today more than ever, you need to effectively manage the resources, technology, operations and information.

Infor ERP LN: simplify the complexity

To manage the complexity we do not want to systems to complicate it further. Infor™ ERP LN is able to support, in a single environment, all processes specific to each business: resource management, supply chain planning, control of suppliers and third parties, warehouse management, cost control and delivery time.

The innovative technology in this application improves connectivity between different operations, increasing adaptability to change, improving decision-making, promoting the propensity to innovate, increasing efficiency and the level of customer service. If not eliminating the complexity – which is impossible – certainly makes things a lot more manageable.

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Infor™ ERP LN is able to support, in a single environment, all processes specific to each business

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