Integrated approach to the production process

The production – be it a good or a service – is really the heart of a business. This must be addressed in an integrated manner, ensuring all resources and processes are aimed at optimizing productivity.

Each stage of the production process – from supply management to that of the finished goods warehouse – is crucial and should not be neglected, to avoid creating bottlenecks at any level, preventing the production flow.

For this reason the consultants at Know-How carefully map all business processes, which are then translated into ERP functionality present in the application.

The analysis of process problems enables Know-How experts to formulate a workable solution tailored to each client, supported by standard ERP functionality which may be integrated with external tools or specifically studied customizations.

Areas of intervention in the Supply Chain Management:

The primary goal of SCM is to maximize the level of service to the end customer, at the same time optimizing operating costs and capital utilized. It is of substantial importance to emphasize that, in the projects of SCM, collaboration plays a primary role. It is through this collaboration that we get to improve some functions such as:

  • Forecasting demand, which is necessary in order to understand more fully the needs of consumers.
  • Demand planning, to realize action plans for more reliable and accurate and reduce the number of returns reverse logistics.
  • Order processing.
  • Planning of production capacity and thus to the optimal use of the plants;
  • Planning of the use of materials.
  • Integration between demand and supply.
  • Integration and collaboration between production, logistics and marketing

Our clients

They chose Know-How to manage the company Production:

Argo Tractors chose Know-How to optimize its company production.

Argo Tractors case study

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