• Know-How and Automotive

A complex race

There are many challenges facing operators in the automotive industry: the regulatory landscape in terms of environmental protection and safety is becoming increasingly complex, as well as the chain of suppliers.

Customers want choice and innovation, high quality products, engines that consume little and are performance and maybe hybrids, quick delivery time, all of course at affordable prices.

Being competitive requires a careful oversight of logistics, active and passive, production flows and stock, the precise control of the financial aspects and a continuous dialogue between the central management and the supply chain.

The answer of Know-How

The Know-How consultants, after analyzing the business flows highlighted possible areas for improvement optimizing the management of production processes, logistics and financial services, identify the most suitable application in the Infor package and adapting them to the specific needs of the customer, then following it step by step in the resolution of all problems.

Argo Tractors, leader for the agriculture machinery production, chose Know-How to help its production.

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