Successful workflows

Behind every business there are complex flows of goods, services, data, information, people, money. Carefully monitoring these flows means improving business performance, reducing waste, losses and errors. For this reason, the consultants at Know-How analyze with particular attention  the logistics of your business, both the passive and active cycles.

The procurement process includes the interactions that each company has with it’s suppliers and for which he has the financial outlays: definition of suppliers, analysis of the flow of materials and documents involved in the process of the procurement process, definition of criteria to create statistics and rank suppliers . The active cycle concerns the management of the client data and documents used for the sale of goods or services, up to the delivery and billing or the issuing of credit notes.

These activities are managed using both standard features of the ERP application, and by developing tailored management solutions.

Particular, attention is given to the management of the relationship with the customer, always having the situation available, anticipating future needs and maintaining the focus on the client for the company.

Areas of intervention within the ERP:

  • Supply of materials (forecasting models, reordering policies)
  • Analysis of productive capacity
  • Database management, bills of materials and cycles
  • Definition of the logic of preparation of materials in production

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They chose Know-How to manage the company logistics:

Fitesa chose Know-How to optimize and make their logistics more efficient.

Fitesa case study

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