Technology and functionality, together

Know-How supports the customer in all phases of its operations, guiding during the selection of functional and technical requirements. This is the strong point to use an English expression, a Systems Integrator.

In all its areas of activity, Know-How does not impose its own solution, but proposes the best choice based on the tools that a company already has available. The in-depth knowledge gained through years of work on Infor ERP applications allows you to adapt them to the requirements of each client. This means, in practice, in writing programs and graphical user interface designed for each company, which integrate with standard product features and adding to it to change its behavior, to fully meet the requirements of the client that uses it.

Areas of intervention as a Systems Integrator:

  • Consultation / Development on Infor products
  • Management of networks, both from a hardware point of view that logical
  • Installation and management of the operating system
  • Server Virtualization
  • Installation and database management
  • Development of backup policies “tailored to the customer”
  • Integration of hardware (from simple printers to entire production lines) with Infor management products
  • Training on the installation and use of Infor products