You say ‘Landini’ and think tractors immediately. The brand, along with other historiacal in the sector of agricultural tractors (McCormick and Valpadana), are part of the Argo Group, which has 4 production plants in Italy and a sales network consists of more than 170 dealers in the domestic market, and 8 branches and 130 importers abroad. A complex system that requires careful management.

Objectives achieved

  • Benefits in planning
  • Creation of a “culture of shared data” absent preveiously in the group
  • Creation of a shared platform between companies of the group, adaptable to the needs of individual companies

How Know-How intervened

Know-How has accompanied the Argo Group since the summer of 2000, when it was necessary to replace old computer systems no longer meeting the challenges of that year, in particular the dreaded “Millennium Bug” and the introduction of the euro.

Over time, implementation of all the Know-How “packages” to manage production, logistics, purchasing, sales, finance in various group companies.

The corporate aim was to standardize and centralize in a single system all company processes, until then managed with different software often internally made or by users themselves.

The choice fell on BaaN C IV because it seemed very suitable for manufacturing companies with production to order. The partnership with Know-How has helped us to know and parameterize appropriately the new system, taking advantage of their knowledge both of the product and the experience gained in other situations similar to us. Expertise, availability and technicalities applied by Know-How have helped to limit the speed of deployment or the use of new industrial methods that previously we did not know. Surely now we have a company wide instrument simpler to use, more comprehensive, with which give faster response to requests from various entities, making certain and unique the data because it is centralized and known by all.

The continued presence and availability of Know-How allows us at any time to be flexible as the availability of IT resources according to business needs of the moment.

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