Groeneveld group is a Dutch multinational operating since 1971 in the automotive sector, present in over 40 countries worldwide. It operates in the transport, public transport, off-road, mining, industrial, port and agricultural sectors.
Since July 2017 the Groeneveld group has been acquired by the American multinational TIMKEN.

Objects achieved

  • Speed up communications on the Supplier Exchange, improved the relationship Groeneveld – suppliers.
  • Approval flow through PO work flow (purchase order), with personalized management of changes in progress
  • Integration with the supply chain
  • PO negotiation with various levels of approval
  • Publication of documents reserved for suppliers
  • Real-time notification of deadlines, actions to be taken
  • Supplier performance monitoring system
  • ASN

What Know-How does

For more than ten years we have been communicating with our customers through EDI, and since 2014 we have been using Automotive Exchange. It has become necessary to equip ourselves with a more modern communication tool, also to make up for the impossibility of communication through the EDIFACT protocol.

Supplier Exchange implementation – Supplier web: portal for dialoguing with suppliers, publishing purchase orders and creating a flow for the automatic receipt of information and for automatic deliveries.

Evident benefits from an economic and organizational point of view: reduction of communication time and more efficient communication.

“We found a partner capable of supporting our requests with excellent reaction times. This made us decide to choose this company as system integrator of the Groeneveld Group, also for the migration to LN of subsidiaries around the world.”

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