• Know-How and Manufacturing


Chemical, engineering, textile…manufacturing industries continues to be the backbone of the economy, although it should be confronted with challenges such as relocation (of markets and production), the increase in the cost of factors of production (raw materials and energy ) and transport.

On the other hand, customers operating in manufacturing require customized products, reasonable prices and excellent quality. Problems common to all the world of production, plus the criticality of each specific sector.

The answer of Know-How

Know-How confronts every customer as unique and special, contextualising the critical issues in the panorama of the respective production process and adapting the Infor solutions to the company.

The supply management, finished products warehouse, control production costs and logistics, internal and external, will be analyzed in detail, to make the company increasing performance and competitiveness.

Fitesa chose the experience of Know-How also to manage the company logistics

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Know-How is always ready to help new companies in the implementation of the best software on the market to maximize efficiency.

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