• Know-How and Fashion


The fashion world is still one of the items that drive the “Made in Italy”, but it certainly is not an easy industry.

Besides the difficulties common to other sectors that are faced with the need to renew every year and at the same time to handle production and warehouses, in order to anticipate and meet the needs of customers around the world minimizing risk, from season to season, stocks, which lose value.

The answer of Know-How

Hitting the right line is not enough to succeed, to be able to remain competitive in the world of fashion depends on the ability to manage production, logistics and distribution efficiently.

The Know-How consultancy service, as well as offering the most suitable solutions and to “cut” according to business needs, assists the client in improving the flow of business, eliminating inefficiencies, improving the efficiency of production planning and distribution chain, with reduced time-to-market.

Know-How is always ready to help new companies in the implementation of the best software on the market to maximize efficiency.

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