Thanks to the collaboration between Know-How and Merino Services, Infor LN is finally enriched with the functionality necessary for the Manufacturing sectors that utilize Dimensional Production.
Know-How and Merino have developed for Infor LN a new module Dimension, which seamlessly integrates with the standard without even changing a single line of code of the standard version.

The new module for LN covers an area that was only previous available using Baan IV. LN Dimension provides the opportunity for companies to manage the complexity of manufacturing their products from a dimensional point of view. Giving optimal facilities to manage the whole configuration of the item to be produced.  Managing all variable characteristics (length, width or other variable aspects), enabling interventions to be carried out early in the supply chain to optimize the manufacturing of items.

The availability of this module is of great importance for all those companies (e.g, steel mills, paper mills, foundries, etc …) that have a non-standard production process with variable characteristic items, automating and simplifying the management system of finished or semi-finished items before production. To businesses, therefore, this offers an additional opportunity to optimize the planning of production activities, giving a decisive advantage in terms of time and cost.

This partnership provides technical and commercial cooperation between the experts of Know-How and Merino Services in the development of the new module Dimension. The collaboration between Merino Services and Know-How allows the two companies (the first in the world to achieve this result) to make the application even more complete.

Why Know-How chose Merino

  • Know-How is a long-time Infor partner, guaranteeing reliability and professional competence
  • Has a global presence with offices in Europe, USA, UAE and India
  • Know-How is focused in the manufacturing, textile, automotive and utilities sectors
  • Know-How always pays particular care in it’s approach to customer needs

Why Merino chose Know-How

  • Has the expertise and experience required to carry out such an ambitious project
  • A qualified European partner that offers the opportunity to expand into Western markets
  • Well acquainted with the Italian and European markets for the application of this product
  • Guarantees the commercial strength required for the development of a project of this caliber